Dec 13, 2017


The WaiWaiRobo set of 2 is available Wed 12/13 @ 7pm PST in the Shop

Also some custom resin from Dcon. Check it out!

Nov 25, 2017

Back to Blogger! 2017

Hey is now back to Blogger. Fun times..

Nov 30, 2010

New Website

Please visit for future blog posts and info. This blog will no longer be updated. Thanks!

Nov 27, 2010

Art Coaster Love

I like to make art coasters. Here are the 8 I've made so far. The Hollis one came in square too.

Nov 26, 2010

GR Post-It Show 6

The Post-It Shows are always really fun to do. Here are mine for the 6th edition of Giant Robot's show. Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson are the dudes that put this thing together.

Nov 24, 2010

New Coaster Prints

for GRSF Printed Matter 9 on Dec 4th

Nov 23, 2010

Le Martin Merdiveros

Doing a small show with Martin Ontiveros at GH on Dec 2nd. Art for fun sakes! 

Nov 22, 2010

Funbuns Slide Show


while I'm working on things please contact me at is not working right now.

Nov 16, 2010

Burgerbuns "FUZZ BUCKET" Release

The 1st colorway "FUZZ BUCKET" (2nd release) is available NOW HERE!

Nov 12, 2010

Funbuns Custom Show Sat Nov 20th at Super7!

by Kiyoka Ikeda

by Koji Harmon Cometdebris "Boca Burger Buns"

by KaToPe

by Naoya Ikeda

by Ohhashi Buta No Hana

by Yukinori Dehara

by Kazu Itokin Park

by Uamou

by Arbito "Stink Buns"

by Dead Presidents


by Paul Kaiju

Custom Burger Buns

by Lamour Supreme

Nov 11, 2010

Le Sluggo Custom

I did a custom of a Psnail resin toy for Neon Monster. It was really fun to paint this little dude.

I gave him a little resin slime trail!

Psnails will be on display and available for sale at Pretty In Plastic's booth at DesignerCon, which will be held on November 20, 2010 in Pasadena

Nov 9, 2010

Randall's Magic Scrapyard

I did a custom of Bwana Spoons and Gargamel's new Randall vinyl toy for Bwana's show "Randall's Magic Scrapyard" which will open Sunday, November 14th at Thrashout, in Koenji.

Oct 30, 2010

Hujili's Ghosts!

Sucklord's SUCKPAX 2 and SW Galaxy Auction Nov 5th

I busted out some sketch cards for the mighty SUCKLORD for his new SUCKPAX 2 cards. They come out on Nov. 5th. More info HERE

SUCKPAX: Action Art Cards Series 2 is about to Drop!

On November 5, 2010, the long-awaited follow up to the ground-breaking
indie Trading Card Series from SUCKADELIC hits the streets.

91 Second Avenue NYC
7-11 PM


Conceived and Designed by the SUPER SUCKLORD, Suckpax takes the
art of the simple trading cards and flips it on it's head, stuffing each
box with irony, challenge, and incredible underground art. Engineered and
produced by Sidekick Lab, Suckpax features the Old-School wax wrappers of
yore as well as that shitty card stock we all grew up on before trading
cards got slick. Featuring original one-of-kind sketch cards and multiple
high-concept special inserts, Suckpax is truly Modern art in Vintage

Also my SW sketch cards will be available for auction HERE

Oct 24, 2010

Halloween Hujili's Ghost - Available Now!


9" Standard Size Hujili's Ghost

5 points of articulation


Available in the Le Merde Shop FRI at 11AM PST
In Japan at Gargamel's Thrash Out Store

Beautiful clear purple with some sweet silver spray and a painted severed head.

Hujili is a mashup of Gargamel's Hedoran Smog Monster and my character Hujili's Ghost.

The head and body are new sculpts and the arms and legs are from the Hedoran figure.

Hujili's Ghost

Hujili's Ghost is the Rocker who lost his head. Can you head bang too hard? Whatever man, doesn't matter.. Head Banger Strong Dude! Losing his head has no consequence on his life or attitude though. You can't bring this "Party Dude" down! Long live the heads that "Party Hard".

Severed For Life!

Oct 23, 2010

Custom Burgerbuns Show at Super7

Stoked to announce the up coming show "Funbuns - A Burgerbuns Custom Art Show" at Super7 at their new address of 1427 Haight St. in SF,CA on Sat Nov 20th. 

I asked 35 of my favorite artists to bust out a custom of my new vinyl toy Burgerbuns. He is Mascot-Scale at about 6". He is produced by my bros at Super7 and sculpted by my other bros Gargamel. I designed the turn arounds for this badboy and Brian Flynn figured out the very unusual and awesome position of Burgerbuns arms. He turned out amazing! We showed him off at the SDCC 10 at the Super7 booth with the 1st release of the blank powder blue version to match my first release of my vinyl toy Hollis Price (also produced by Super7 and sculpted by Gargamel). He has 3 points of articulation, at arms and waist.

There will be some amazing customs at the show and we are also releasing the 1st  painted colorway of Burgerbuns (2nd release)!


Seattle superstar Le Merde is launching the first painted version of his new mascot-scale vinyl figure, Burgerbuns, with a custom figure art show! Infamous toy veterans and newcomers alike will flex their artistic might on the weird loner cat, Burgerbuns.

Oct 20, 2010


This Friday Oct 22nd at 11am PST my NEW "Le Horror" Coach Style Jacket will be available for $50 in the Le Merde Shop. White Ink on Black Jacket. Jacket is Black nylon with a nice white interior lining. These dudes are DIY home printed badasses! My brother helped rock these out. Quality is more Punk then Factory. Check em out!


Jacket will also be available at Thrash Out in Japan next week sometime.

Also comes with a GID (Glow in the Dark) "Le Horror" button.


Oct 17, 2010


I got a 2 page spread in the new book "I AM PLASTIC, TOO" by Paul Budnitz. They featured some of my 1/1 resin dudes..