Oct 24, 2010

Halloween Hujili's Ghost - Available Now!


9" Standard Size Hujili's Ghost

5 points of articulation


Available in the Le Merde Shop FRI at 11AM PST
In Japan at Gargamel's Thrash Out Store

Beautiful clear purple with some sweet silver spray and a painted severed head.

Hujili is a mashup of Gargamel's Hedoran Smog Monster and my character Hujili's Ghost.

The head and body are new sculpts and the arms and legs are from the Hedoran figure.

Hujili's Ghost

Hujili's Ghost is the Rocker who lost his head. Can you head bang too hard? Whatever man, doesn't matter.. Head Banger Strong Dude! Losing his head has no consequence on his life or attitude though. You can't bring this "Party Dude" down! Long live the heads that "Party Hard".

Severed For Life!