Aug 13, 2010

Thrash Out's 6th Anniversary!!

News of slash out 6th anniversary More and more hot day is continued with unusual weather…Is hotter than outside more and more, (are hot) with 1 days of rumor this year start doing…. 'THRASH OUT' became to attain 6th anniversaries with favor. This year last year compared to 33% [dorori] which is increased in quantity waits for crossing over everyone with dense ~ contents. Eyeball '[desura]' standard size of this year (1st period) is good, the form is displayed, the feather which is settled in the compact is expanded, the new wind is created in the collection of everyone. Because and, only small amount sells also the SDCC2010 limited item, it does not overlook. 'THRASH OUT 6th. Anniversary' 2010 August 14th (Saturday) 14: 00~19: 00 Before the opening of shop 30 minute, at the shop front the rearrangement ticket pulling out selection is distributed. The tropical night and under blazing sun are continued, for accident prevention, preceding day and the day early morning and becoming modesty. Above, we ask may.