Jul 14, 2010

Burgerbuns 6" Vinyl

6" mid sized figure of my dude Burgerbuns! 3 points of articulation at waist and both arms. The first release is a blank Powder Blue to match the first Hollis Price release.

Super7 X Le Merde

Burgerbuns is a weird dude. Most don't know but he is actually a cat. Maybe it's his docked tail that has him in a constant state of shock. Or maybe it's his indecisiveness between his favorite bands ZEU and Misty Fog. Which side should he choose? He is a loner, wanderer and all around adventurer. His favorite food is a simple Hamburger from Kandar Kandies. He has teamed up with the ZEU crew on occasion but mostly leads his own adventures with his cousins Emo Jets and Texture Willis.

Limited Quantities $65 ea.

Available at Super7's Booth #4729 at SDCC 2010