Apr 1, 2010

ZAGARAD, Pocket Gatorboy and KaToPe's Drunk Seijin!!!

The awesome collabs keep on coming! Kiyoka busted out my version of the character he made famous Zagoran. I call him ZAGARAD!!

Kiyoka Ikeda (Gargamel) X Le Merde X Super7

Zag head on Hollis body. GID

Pocket Gatorboy! Super7 X Gargamel!

Also I'm honored to have KaToPe's new head Drunk Seijin on my Hollis body! Sweet!!

Do not miss the opening of this amazing show on Sat April 3rd at Super7 SF.

Dai Rakugaki Matsuri at Super7 San Francisco. Opening reception on the evening of April 3rd.

Custom figures and paintings by Gargamel (Kiyoka & Naoya Ikeda), KaToPe, Chanmen, and Koji Harmon. Exclusive figure releases, live painting, and other surprises. Kiyoka Ikeda, KaToPe, and Koji Harmon will be in attendance.