Feb 22, 2010

Le Merde Star Wars Galaxy 5 Sketch Cards

Boba Fett, CZ-4, Dengar, Darth Vader, Luke, Darth Maul, McQuarrie Chewbacca, General Grevious and Leia. These are the 9 dudes I chose to redo in my style. There are 56 different versions of these dudes.

I did 56 Sketch Cards for the new series of Star Wars Galaxy 5 cards. They are mixed in as chase cards.

Really awesome and fun project! I love Star Wars.

Sucklord put this project together.


So it's on. STAR WARS: GALAXY 5 trading cards from TOPPS is about to drop!

Available February 24 wherever Trading cards are sold or from Topps.com


Look under STAR WARS: Galaxy 5