Feb 17, 2010

Severed For Life!!!!

NEW Le Merde Solo show at Gargamel's Thrash Out! Opens March 6th

Big big things happening! Stay tuned for previews in the coming weeks.

More info below:

Celebration of last year* First visit to Japan &SHOW" We Are Brothers" So, the collection of ART FREAKS which is accustomed to hearing the rumor which is let flow in the world distantly " which sweeps over the wallet; LeMerde" Thing Mike Kelly answers many ardent wishes, finally re-visit to Japan decision!!! If the world it participates in the group exhibition which is bewilderingly done in the round sand ring, itself private exhibition constantly opening… The humor which has deep body and [kire] where 333% evolved 'LeMerde' produces with the whirlpool of the idea which does not have the times when it runs out, the world where it overflows skill. And, with mini- custom show of simultaneous opening schedule, main person of LeMerde 'AWSOME!!!'With are appraised interchange & the friend who are deep the artists whose in… brandishing/scattering [tsu] [te] entryIn pleasure. The day other than exhibition sale of original art work, has prepared silk print, new work resin & [sohubihuigiyua] etc. Opening period 2010 March 6th ~ March 12th (special sign meeting March 6th 14: The 00~) * sign and photographic set-up limit the day artist goods to only the one which purchase it receives. * When being congested when you can point to admission restriction, because it is, beforehand acknowledgment. 'Thrash Out'   〒166-0003 Tokyo Suginami Ku Kouenzi south 2-51-9-2F Tel: 03-3315-6570 http://www.gargamel.jp/

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昨年の祝☆初来日&SHOW"We Are Brothers"では、世界で流される噂を聞きつけたART FREAKSのコレクションとお財布を席捲した"LeMerde"ことMike Kellyが多くの熱望に応え遂に再来日決定!!!


開催期間 2010年3月6日~3月12日(特別サイン会 3月6日14:00~)

『Thrash Out』   
Tel : 03-3315-6570